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Summer 2015' - Gym Motivation Tees and Motivational Clothing.

May 17, 2015

Unless you’re living south of the equator or in the legendary Westeros, summer is coming. Here in the northeast, only one day in the ten day forecast is it expected to dip below 70 degrees (and that day it will be 69.) Pants are becoming shorts, sweaters are becoming tanks; miles of bare skin are about to be exposed.

If you’re like 99% of everyone, which is a highly scientific statistic, along with those hoodies and overcoats, you’d also like to lose some personal layers. Muffin top, pizza baby, beer belly… whatever your affliction, it’s gotta go… at least to make way for summer’s hot dog legs.


All this, and yet, you’re probably not feeling that #MondayMotivation. What does it take?!

A quick shortcut I’ve found is dressing for success. No, not French cuff shirts with contrast collars, I’m talking about workout gear that gets you going. Motivational clothing, if you will.

What does motivational clothing mean? It’s that gear that gets you ready for action. Put it on and suddenly you want to run that extra mile… to the gym where you’ll beat up bags, pound out crunches, grind through push-ups, and then when you’re just about out of juice, still find the energy to run home. Clothing that announces, “I will show you how great I am,” to you and the world.

Maybe you’re a sucker for a good print. Did yoga even exist before leggings looked like this*?



*Of course it did. Yoga’s origins can be traced back to 500 BC. But it wasn’t until cat-rainbow-galaxy leggings got involved, that yoga truly got turnt up and transformed legions of ladies into reverse warriors.


Motivational clothing means you can sweat your outfit out, and still feel good. So slip into that shirt that screams “go, go, go, go! and lace up your Day-Glo sneakers, because it’s about that time to make your workout count.

In any case, Die Epic’s urban camo collections gets your adrenaline pumping the minute you lay eyes on it. Pre-order the lifting straps to accompany the technical tee.

Die Epic is a turbo-charged brand to keep you motivated, from pre to post workout… which is literally all times, so really Die Epic’s a way of life.

By #TeamEpic writer Jillian Conochan