final July 4th fire sale 🎆 Lunch box cooler for only $17.76

Epic Pack

Epic Pack Premium - Yearly (Free US Shipping!)

I read the rules and understand I can cancel anytime but no refunds (as its super discounted)

You pick your size, answer some optional survey questions and then sit back and “relax”.. And by relax I mean hit wheelies, climb mountains and jump out of perfectly good planes. Then once a month get a surprise package to brighten your day. 

4 Options:

Smart minds choose this as free domestic USA shipping which leaves you with higher end items like personalized jerseys, gym bags, and thick hoodies. 

Short Version: Its pretty simple, we lock all orders in on the 1st of every month. On that day we start ordering items for the Epic Packs and getting the group buy deals from vendors.

Likewise, we are trying to partner with companies that can offer freebies and samples if you know any good ones please let us know. 

As you all choose  (survey results attached) we won't allow returns so we can make it cheaper, so please donate your box to someone epic or charity if you don't like it. Check out the images for more info.

Don’t worry as an extreme sport agnostic company we won't put anything in there that is for a certain adrenaline activity.

Still reading? We will even plant one tree per box sold. We all know 15 billion trees are cut down a year so its not much but its a start. 

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