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Epic Metal Tactical Wallet [Craft Epic] Summer 19'

Group Buy:
  • Order Goes in on June 1.
  • Wallets Take 4 Weeks (2 separate small local shops) work together to make these. Expect July/August.
  • The first two batches get an even better deal and this helps us hit material minimums.
We are proud to announce the Epic Tactical Wallet 3.0 as we implemented your feedback. This is a group buy so you get maximum savings. Plus we have tiered pricing for the fastest trigger fingers to help us hit the minimum. We put our order in on June 1 and these take 4 weeks on average to make but this epic wallet will be the most badass one you'll ever own.

    Tactical Wallet Details:

      • Made of solid aluminum here in the USA - it won't bend, break, or fall apart!
      • Locks tight but easy to open. You can see how to open and close the wallet through this video.
      • Full Review Video and FAQs
      • Laser deep etching
      • Lightweight at 4 oz. You won't even feel it's there!
      • RFID blocking to keep your cards safe from electronic interference
      • Military-grade finish - has Type III hard coat anodized aluminum finish won't scuff
      • Can fit 16 cards and has enough room for cash
      • Proudly made in the USA by a kick-ass CraftEpic partner. 
      • Cash & Card base holds roughly 10 cards and 10 bills
    Review of Tactical Wallet 2.0

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