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Epic Metal Tactical Wallet [Craft Epic]


This epic wallet will be the most badass one you'll ever own.

"Now" means it ships this week as we have a few on hand.

Group Buy means we put an order in to save everyone money with the manufacturer. It takes 4-6 weeks once the get batch gets to 20. 

3 Options:

  1. Widebody Now $84
  2. Tactical 2.0 (group buy) $75
  3. Tactical 2.0 Now $100

Tactical Wallet Details

  • Made of solid aluminum here in USA - it won't bend, break, or fall apart!
  • Locks tight but easy to open. You can see how to open and close the wallet through this video
  • Laser deep etching
  • Lightweight at 4 oz. You won't even feel it's there!
  • RFID blocking to keep your cards safe from electronic interference
  • Military-grade finish - has Type III hard coat anodized aluminum finish won't scuff
  • Can fit 16 cards and has enough room for cash
  • Proudly made in USA by a kick-ass CraftEpic partner. 
  • Cash & Card base holds roughly 10 cards and 10 bills

Upgrade: Using it as a business card holder? Or never carry cash? We have a card only bottom caps for $15. (does require a screw removed) 





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