final July 4th fire sale 🎆 Lunch box cooler for only $17.76

Die Epic's Famous $1 Stickers

Grab one of our famous $1 Die Epic stickers!

3 Sizes to choose from:

  • Helmet Sticker 1.75" x 3.0" (Helmets, Cell phones, Visors) 
  • Board Sticker 3.41" x 6.0"  (Boards, Laptops, Fairings) 
  • #DieEpic Slap Sticker 8.5" x 1.5" (Bumpers, helmet base, bikes) 

We have seen these waterproof stickers from scuba divers to sky divers, and everywhere in between. Prize for the first one in space!

Plus, this $1 sticker gives you an edge in our Instagram challenges. 

You can buy a complete bundle here: Die Epic Complete Bundle

Best Deal: Or support the squad with your own Die Epic t-shirt and (3) all these stickers for only $18! Cheapsk8r Bundle

Note: For international orders we do NOT pay any customs or tariff fees.

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