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Die Epic Helmet Decal

This is everyone's favorite helmet sticker and we have seen them from F1 cars to Skydiving helmets. We tell our manufacture that we are the ultimate testers, as we have brought these underwater, high speeds, out of planes, covered in mud and they still stick on. 

3 x 1.75 inches so they'll fit perfectly on your helmet. 

We just kindly ask you use #DieEpic on your social pics so we can share and shoutout!

We highly recommend you save on shipping and just get the Epic Sticker Pack or if I were you grab a CheapSk8er Shirt and get stickers for free!


Remember our local print shop fills EVERY single order by hand one at a time.  
As a result, we take much longer than big companies.
Please allow a couple of weeks to receive your tracking number/products.
For international orders we do NOT pay any customs or tariff fees.
We support local small businesses.

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