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Die Epic Vinyl Transfer Sticker Set

Kick ass stickers for your car, truck, motorcycle, hovercraft... we don't judge!

For my birthday we are doing buy 1 get 2 free!

New vendor helping with us so please allow 2 weeks to ship as we work out the kinks. (Will get that down to 1 week shortly)

You can take your pick from the following bundles:

  • 9” wide stickers
  • 12” wide stickers


  • Made with durable 6-7 years vinyl (Oracle 651 calendared vinyl)
  • Waterproof material
  • Transfer Application Tape will be applied on the sticker for an easy installation process


  1. Clean the surface 
  2. Peel the paper back, making sure the decal sticks to the transfer tape
  3. Place the decal on the surface and smooth out the bubbles
  4. Peel the transfer tape, making sure the decal sticks to the surface
  5. Should be all done!

If you still don't feel confident about installing your decal yourself, you can take it to just about any sign shop in your area and have it installed for a small fee!

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