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Epic Pack - Monthly Subscription

I read the rules and understand I can cancel anytime but no refunds (as its super discounted)

BETA - You asked so we are going to try this and need some Beta Testers for feedback and video reviews. 

Once a month we send you goodies that cost well over $37/m and you can cancel at any time. 

We took a 10 question vote (as you run this brand) and here is what the beta group decided for Epic Pack's fate.

Short Version: The beta group wanted to max out the amount of items per month, so voted to rather forgo returns and fancy boxes for more goodies per month. 

1) Cancel anytime but no returns. If you aren't a fan, cancel and can donate or give to a fellow adrenaline junkie. 

2) We will have a repeating cutoff date once a month. If you miss that you will be in the next month's EpicPack

3) They will come in a generic package or multiple packages, as we use multiple factories. The idea of one cool looking box got voted down as the beta group voted for more stickers or items. 

4) Group consensus said mix of Die Epic logo and newest designs, and that it can be everything from jerseys to wall art. If its a jersey they also voted that we can contact everyone and see if they want it personalized for a little more.  (as keeping the monthly items secret was also the top results) 

Beta Bonus: The first beta testers we are doing super discounted shipping and also will give you first crack at the referral program. 


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