[Charity] Greatness Quote Sticker
[Charity] Greatness Quote Sticker
[Charity] Greatness Quote Sticker

[Charity] Greatness Quote Sticker

Regular price $ 5.00

We are retiring this sticker to the Get Karma series (For Charity) 

Purchasing this sticker for $5, and we will donate $3.25 to Parkinson Research.

(Due to credit card fee $0.35, Stamp $.49, Sticker, Envelope, etc) 

Size:  3.07" x 4.1" 

Muhammad Ali made the saying "I will show you how great I am" famous and motivational for all. 

This is a die cut sticker reflecting the famous Ali quote. 

We don't care if this motivates you to start your first company, your 5th one or just do an extra burpee, just rock it with pride and show us how great you are!

Need more motivation?  Check out our Die Epic Sticker Bundle and rock our CheapSk8er T-Shirt!

Founder's Note: Rest in Peace champ.  You were an honorary co-Founder of this company.  Many late mornings working alone on the site and trying my hardest to pay our startup bills, I would listen to your epic speech on repeat to get the courage to keep going.  You motivated me to walk into a combat gym for the first time, and take all the craziness moving to Miami threw at me. Stay Epic, Champ!


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