Die Epic Swiss Army Key Bar [Limited]
Die Epic Swiss Army Key Bar [Limited]
Die Epic Swiss Army Key Bar [Limited]
Die Epic Swiss Army Key Bar [Limited]

Die Epic Swiss Army Key Bar [Limited]

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Our partners have made a one off custom Die Epic edition Key Bar Made in the USA!

The KEY-BAR, which is 3 1/2 inches in total length and weighs 1.6 oz, can accommodate up to 15 keys with the provided 8/32 screws as well as a key fob link. The KEY-BAR is expandable with longer screws.  Your KEY-BAR will come with a removable Titanium pocket clip.

Titanium color is produced by light refraction and interference of wavelengths.  The film thickness is very thin and can actually be polished out with a commercial steel polish.  The anodized layer is durable though; it takes heavy polish and rubbing to remove.

The KEY-BAR will hold just about anything you like: scissors, bottle opener, screwdrivers, flash drives and much more...

No special tools are necessary for assembly.  You can easily add / remove keys from it anytime you like.

All KEY-BARs are CNC milled from solid billet then hand finished to order.  

Fits 90% of keys. 

Every KEY-BAR is 100% Non-ferrous and all hardware is stainless steel so your KEY-BAR will not rust. 

Remember our local shop fills EVERY single order by hand, one at a time.  
As a result, each order takes much longer than companies to ship.
Please allow a couple of weeks to receive your tracking number/products.
For international orders we do NOT pay any customs or tariff fees.
We support local small businesses.