Live Epic Sweat Wicking Adrenaline Jersey

Every weekend adventure or adrenaline trip needs a custom jersey that can take the punches, sweat, mud well anything you through at it. This was the same jersey we skated over 100 miles in 24 hours in during the Miami summer heat so we know it can breath under your hardest workouts. Put your social media name on the back for a few buck mores as you never know who is watching.

Most of our products come from different factories across the US. This is why we always ask you to be patient as your delivery might take a while to arrive to your door or mailbox.

Some of these products take extra time to be shipped, specifically any product on the Craft Epic collection, and any product on preorder.

You’ll be able to find specific delivery times of these products on each of their product descriptions.

Allow us 2-3 weeksto print and ship your jerseys from Tampa Florida. These are cut and sewn by hand so every inch is printed. Personalized ones take slightly longer as a digital artist needs to make each print file one at a time.