May 23, 2016 2 min read

If you have seen a viral epic POV (Point of View) BMX video recently, odds are its probably from Nigel Sylvester. His GO series is gold standard for high quality content in the BMX video world.  

1) Fan Question - What's the most important aspect of shooting video that entrepreneurs and brands should take into consideration?  Yours are killer.

Thank You! I work to keep a very high level of integrity with my content. I don't do videos just to get eyeballs or because its the cool thing to do these days, I want people who are watching my content to leave feeling something, I want to evoke emotion and do pieces that I'm truly proud of.

2) What is it that you enjoy the most by doing these videos?

I find pleasure in the process of having an idea and watching it come to life.

3) Do you get scared before you do your stunts/videos? Nervous or calm as well practiced?

Yea, sometimes you think twice about the super dangerous stuff but that's why I train, practice and prepare myself day in and day out both psychically and mentally.

4) Fan question- Can you ask him what can equipment he uses?

I use a Sony Action Camto film the 'Go!' series. It's a very reliable piece of equipment.

5) Best moment in your extreme sports career?

The best moment of my career thus far was the day I turned Professional. I got signed by Dave Mirra to Mirra Co bikes at 18 years old and it changed my life.

6) Fan question- Did you ever get injured riding?

Yes, with most sports you experience good and bad days. I've gotten pretty banged up over the years from riding but I've been blessed and been able to heal up and I'm still do what I love.

7) Advice on how to get sponsored for BMX?

I'll rather give life advice than sponsorship advice. I'm a big believer in doing what you love to the fullest and doing smart. With enough time, energy and strategy you can accomplish anything.

Sponsor Love.

Shout out to Nigel's Sponsors:  

Nike, Beats by Dre, New Era, Incase, Animal Bikes, G Shock, Brooklyn Machine Works.


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