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Yes! The only colors we advise to avoid are NEON. If they are added in the designs either way, the end result will be non neon colors.

No. You can literally request for anything, from frogs to spaceships to dogs with gold teeths. The only thing we’ll make sure is  the element provided or used in, the design concepts has no copyrights. Racist, homophobic, or offensive elements of any kind will not be tolerated and may disqualify you for partnership.

Yes. In no case we’ll allow to use third party logos. Example: Nike. You are free to use your own business logo, influencer or family group original artworks.


We offer the possibility to personalize the person’s name or social media handle, and their favorite number only in our premium subscription boxes. On custom jerseys, that is free to choose (you can add as many information you want sor the same deal).


Our jerseys are USA made in Tampa, FL, taking from 2-3 weeks to print and ship. If you launch your own brand subscription box, they’ll be sent out to your customers between the third to fourth week of the month.

If you are only purchasing a custom jersey, they can take an extra 1-2 weeks of one-on-one design and adjustments conversations until you are 100% satisfied with the concepts provided.

It depends on the how detailed you communicate your thoughts, and how well our team of designers can bring your dream thoughts to life. This is why it is so important that we make the most of our one-on-one conversations, and give feedbacks to each other timely.