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Did you know there are Skydiving Teams?  We didn't and neither did a bunch of our readers and since we're a bunch of adrenaline junkie/extreme sport enthusiasts we had to know more.    
We interviewed skydiving team The Carving Bananas based out of Oslo Norway. 
Meet the Carving Bananas Skydiving team: 

epic skydiving teams

What are skydive teams?

Skydive teams are simply a gathering of individuals that come together to have fun and thrive in the sport of Skydiving. Some teams are formed just for fun and to have the opportunity to jump together.  Those groups are more about the camaraderie and the support you get from following one another in the sport.  Some are formed to train competitively for specific national and international tournaments. Some even start for fun and then advance to competitions as they develop together.  

Whats the history of skydive teams?
In general, people gathering to train and have fun, to represent a club or a country in Skydiving competitions. Many competitions are for 2, 3 or 4 people groups.. then you need a team to compete. 

How does one join or start one?
For us, we just talked about it. Alfie and Simon had similar suits, and had some small sponsor deal with Alfie's company from before, so they were a 2 men team. When Martin came along he quickly saw the advantage of being in a group, all in the same mood for the sport, helping each other to become better and taking care of each other. So in general, hook up with friends and have fun, that is how a team is created. 

What advice would you give a new comber wanting to get into them?
You need to show interest, be able to be coached and eager to develop. It is all about having fun together in the first place, and then building up to be able to trust each other and develop together. To be really committed to the sport helps a big deal.
How many jumps are recommended before approaching a team?
There is no standard answer to this. A professional team you need a lot. A novice team like us, you just need to be wanting it, and to be a cool guy or girl to be around. As the level of experience rises  the number of team mates increase, it will get harder to get in due to the increased difficulty of the jumps they do together. 

Whats a typical training day like?
An hour in the wind tunnel or several jumps from a plane. The wind tunnel is easy to book and easy to know how the day is going to be because it is a controlled environment.  Jumping from a plane is another story. We use to stay on the drop zone the full day, packing, socializing and getting on every load possible to jump as many times as we can together. Waiting is a big part of this. :) 

What would be your first choice of competition to participate in if you could pick any one?
We would love to compete in FreeFly, that is our first choice. We need 2 for jumping and 1 on camera to do this. Future goals is in Wingsuit, and it is to qualify for the Red Bull Aces, head to head race. 

What's you sky diving career goal?
The most important goal is to create epic videos, do legendary demo jumps for sponsors and have a lot of fun. Our current competition goal is participating in FreeFly nationals, for now. What the future holds, we´ll have to wait and see how we develop!

Favorite drop zone so far? 
Oslo Fallskjermklubb, by far. We love the people and the atmosphere. It is full of great people and top notch coaches so we can develop quickly.
What is your dream zone you want to hit?
Elsinore, lets go Cali!  And beach boogies in Mexico. 

How do you get a team sponsored? 
You create some cool stuff and put it on instagram, blog it or make youtube videos, then reach out to companies you like and want to be associated with. Most of them are friendly, and some are maybe willing to help. Just tell them your story and how a partnership could be of benefit for them. 

Biggest challenge your team has had to over come together in your skydiving career?
Having enough money to go to every boogie, have all gear and do a lot of tunnel hours. When you start, you just want more, and more, and more... it tends to get expensive.   
Big epic shout out to the Carving Bananas! Give them a follow on Instagram or check out their blog!

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