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Barry Nobles has broken his wrist, both collar bones, tailbone, an ankle and blown out both knees, he is the perfect example of sacrificing for what you love.  Not only is he an epic BMX rider, he recently appeared in a viral skydiving video, during which the other skydiver had a cutaway.  

We reached out to Barry see what that was like from his point of view and to learn more about his  extremely epic, adrenaline junkie lifestyle!

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We all saw your epic Halloween pic!  What’s the back story and whom came up with the idea?

I have had that idea for a while but I never got the chance to do it. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted but it turned out cool. The other ideas that I had didn’t happen, but they will go into the next project! I love zombie movies.

Some have mentioned your crazy spin after the shot, for those that know nothing about skydiving can you explain what happened and how you fixed it?

I was actually the Zombie not the military guy. It’s called a line twist and unfortunately it just happens sometimes, just a freak thing.  Sometimes you can turn yourself out of them and something you have to cut away your parachute and pull the reserve. 

What is your current goal in your action sports career? 

I plan to do some slope style (aka Freestyle Mountain Bike) events next year in between the BMX races. I’m going one year at a time so I can live each moment to the fullest and make the best out of any situation.  Let’s see where it takes me!

Out of all the drop zones you’ve jumped at which is your favorite?

That’s a hard one.  I started my AFF at San Diego Skydive and everyone there is so nice. Perris is across the street and it’s so big!  I don’t know many people there yet but I’m trying to divide my time up between SD, Elsinore, and Perris pretty evenly.  All three of the drop zones have awesome people to hang with.  The people there are stoked to just be living in the now so I can’t really pick a favorite.

BMX, Skydiving and Snowboarding, how would rank them?

BMX is my number one since I first tried it and I started racing just before I turned 3!  I have too much ADD to just stick with one thing and that’s how I got into skydiving.  It was something I’ve wanted to do for so long.  I just want to attempt every action sport I have the opportunity to experience.  I’m average on the snowboard because there’s not enough good snow here in southern California.  If I had to rank them, I'd have to say first anything with wheels, second jumping off anything in the sky, and third snowboarding or any other adrenaline sport that gets the blood pumping!

 How do you get sponsored for BMX-ing?

Years of paying your dues.  I’ve made a point to not just be a bicycle rider but a personality as well.  I think that’s been one of my bigger draws for sponsors. I’m very marketable, easy going, and good with people.

 One piece of advice for someone wanting to compete in BMX racing?

Have fun!  Don’t get caught up in what people say.  You HAVE to do what you must to be the best. You can do all the right things and invest in all the best kinds of products but if the love for that sport isn’t there you’ll never be on the top of the podium. 

 What’s the biggest challenge you’ve over came while BMX-ing?

I tore the ACL in my knee the first year I reached the highest pro level. I recovered well and came back to winning races only to blow out my other knee only 6 months later. 

 Favorite moment of BMX career? 

Winning a national title. You work so hard for so long. Have it pulled away some years and when you finally win it after a long season it makes all the ups and downs worth it. BUT I’d like to say I’m still creating great moments on every trip i take. 

 Bonus: What product should we make next?

A Die Epic skydive canopy! Id fly it!


Check out Barry Nobles on his site for more extremely epic adrenaline sports!
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