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InstaFamous, Adrenaline Junkie Sarah Gardner-Cook Tells Us About How to Gain Instagram Followers and Her Love of Riding

November 17, 2015

InstaFamous, Adrenaline Junkie Sarah Gardner-Cook Tells Us About How to Gain Instagram Followers and Her Love of Riding

Adrenaline Junkie Sarah Gardner-Cook on How to Gain Instagram Followers

She’s an Instagram star, gamer, model, and an epic street bike rider.  Sarah Gardner-Cook can do it all so we asked her a few questions because we had to know how she did it and what she’s got in store for her next epic adventure!

What is your best hack or hint for getting Instagram followers?

Interact with everyone as much as you can and post regularly!

What’s the toughest challenge you overcame in getting 200k+?

Time! It is very time consuming (but worth it) to network with anyone and everyone possible!

Since you’re a gamer we have to ask, what’s your favorite one?

Zelda!!!!! Ocarina of time in particular = )

Best hints for getting twitch followers?

I'm still working on that. My internet server isn’t strong enough for me to stream, so I have been working on actually starting twitch. I have a lot of friends on twitch and they simply stay true to themselves! They just happen to be incredibly funny and awesome so they continue to get followers!

In your opinion what’s easier to gain Twitch followers or Instagram followers?

I feel that gaining twitch followers will be easier than gaining Instagram followers. 

What’s your proudest social media moment?

When I first got contacted to be paid to post something from a company = )

Tell us about your street bike and riding career.   

Which one? = ) Riding my street bikes has been my vice and my love for a decade.  My passion for it began a long time ago when I started riding ATV’s and dirt bikes.  Because I loved riding ATV’s and dirt bikes so much I tried riding street bikes and fell in love with everything about them and now I’m hooked! <3 

Is riding your bike you favorite extreme sport?

YES! Aside from riding ATV's in particular.

What’s your Goal in your career?

Honestly, once I am truly well-known and well off ($$) I plan on working with numerous charities and starting some of my own organizations so that I can help animals and people in need.  I also plan on traveling the world so I can help educate people of all ages on how to make positive changes in their lives in a way that suits them.   


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