January 12, 2015 3 min read

How To Start A Streetwear Brand: Interview 3
Name: Fel - Founder
Streetwear Brand: Crime & Rhyme 
Repping: St. Louis, MO
Social Shoutout:@CrimeandRhyme
Goal: Transform Crime & Rhyme into a multi-million dollar brand that provides jobs, hope, & motivation to creative urban youth.Our goal is to display business & industrialism for survival in today's economy. 
Personal Goal: Never forget were you come from. Never forget the people, places, and experiences that MADE you!


What was your reason or motivation for starting a streetwear brand?
To creatively tell a true American story about survival, dreams, tradition, and rebellion through fashion. To be a voice & visual statement for those unheard. The motivation was to give the world something that we felt was really “street”, based off things we have witnessed, experienced, and factual history. Think about it, we all know someone who did what they had to in order to survive, but still had dreams. Imagine a young street hustler from Brooklyn, NY becoming the greatest rapper of our era. Those crimes became lyrics to the rapper’s platinum selling albums. We believe that crime influences many more aspects of todays culture such as books, films, and even the fashion industry. Crime also represents one of the highest grossing subjects. We believe that streetwear should be a bold and in your face statement. When you walk in a room with one of our shirts on, we guarantee you will be fresh & authentic. 
What was your biggest challenge to get going?
Our biggest challenge was bringing our dope ideas to life the right way. Through trial & error we had to learn the appropriate steps of apparel design, apparel production, & apparel marketing.
Any advice to the youngbloods thinking about following in your foot steps? 
If you’re truly passionate about starting your own streetwear brand, then do it but start with minimum quantities. That's usually a small investment & a great way to determine the product’s selling potential.
Whats your favorite get motivated quote?
"Think more...it's free!" This quote comes from a 101 yr. old man that was interviewed and asked what was the most important thing he learned. This has become so helpful because once you execute, it's to late to go back. Whatever you do, sometimes can't be undone. We always ask our screen-printer to provide an example first, before we green light mass production of any shirt we release.
One product (only) are you most proud of and why?
We are very proud of the name of the brand Crime & Rhyme. It's speaks volume & sets the tone for the brand. Ironically, those two words mean so much in today's culture. Allowing so many possibilities for us to grow in the future.
Bonus Round! Top 3 hints for branding yourself and company? 
Research - Do your homework first.  Be sure the name you choose is legally available. Check trademarks, use Google, and Whois database to insure originality. 
Team - You need all the help you can get. Assign tasks & jobs to your best friends, day-ones, girlfriend, etc. 
 Budget - Realistically figure out your start-up cost because there are so many things you will need just to get going.These steps will help you do it right the first time around. 

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