May 29, 2015 1 min read

One of TeamEpic's first members was Erv Steel. Owner of Steel Cage Fitness.

He is both a combat coach for TeamEpic but also one of the best recruiters in the game. 


Made famous by Billy Corbin's documentary called Dawg Fight. If wondering the credits show Erving Steel his stage name. 

Erv was the featured trainer that helped bring Dada5000 (owner of BYB Backyard Fighting's Battleship) to his first legal win after years of fighting and organizing backyard fights. Same camp that made Kimbo Slice a youtube star.  

Mr. Steel after being interviewed on all things boxing and fights for Jobless Zombie Podcast. 


We highly recommend following Ervin at @SteelCageFitness or contact him directly for training session. By appointment only or through one of his partnered gyms like South Beach Boxing

1) Dont waste any time! Get started with the top trainer now well before your next fight.

Whether that is in the octagon or stubborn holiday weight. 

Book an appointment with Adaptavant at Ascendas using SetMore


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