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Black Friday 2018

Happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday my legendary family!
Here is my cheat sheet, and all items are on the home page to make it simple. 
Thankful Jersey: $25 for a sick sweat-wicking & fast drying jersey. We only do 1 batch of this limited color and the best part - $5 of each goes to Wounded Warrior. 
Hoodie Bundles: You got 2 options! Our top requested camo hoodie and either a free thin performance hoodie or thermal thin hoodie $55 for both. 
Combat Hat:  (Sellout warning) Under 20 remain. 
Patriotic Patches: (Sellout warning) Made in Miami using union made cotton shirt. 
Tactical wallet: $69 for a group buy deal vs $100. (not in stock) 
Gym Bags using promo code - BOGO  gets you buy one get one free and can mix and match colors. 
Retro Trucker Hat use code  BUNDLE gets you buy one get one free and can mix and match colors. 
$1 Skull Stickers here.
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