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Epic Ambassador Case Studies and Epic Rep Examples

Why not get paid or gift cards for sharing a product you already love. 

The Die Epic ambassador program was made for our earliest customers as a thank you for trying us and supporting us. The commission rate can change check most recent details at 

We found 4 examples that we saw using it in many different ways with success. 

- Handsome Manboy:

    • SnapChat (warning NSFW content) 
    • Has a very loyal and awesome following
    • Wears our gear in his videos day to day. 
    • We collaborated on a sticker and 2 product offerings. 
    • Highest grossing Ambassador
    • Got to sell products on his website using our back end with our "Buy Now buttons"

- Savi G - @Savisensei

  • Musician who uses our products in video shoots and videos
  • Uses all his social media accounts to promote his unique link in between his albums

- FredPantoli - @FredPantoli

  • Instagram and Facebook Page
  • A rockstar in the skydiving world
  • Helps us make video and content creation
  • Prefers to use a unique domain FWD to his unique link
  • purchased and forwards to his unique link

- Otto Thompson - YouTube 

  • Customer purchased goodies then surprised us with a video review
  • Has over 20,000 views
  • 238+ likes on this video alone

We practice what we preach! 

All our DieEpic social media sites, and partner accounts, have unique URLs, from @DieEpic, to @StuntEpic