Epic Ambassadors

What is an Epic Ambassador?

Sign up to receive 20% commission on all sales you bring in with your unique link at DieEpic.com

If you are an Amazon Affiliate we check our faster products there:

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But first, make sure you know our rules.

This program costs me tons, but for you, it's totally free.

Why should you become an Epic Ambassador?

83% of satisfied customers, like you, will refer a product to a friend or family member at some point. So why not get paid for the sales you directly generate because of a referral?

So how does it work?

  1. Sign up as an affiliate, and you will get two unique links:
    • A unique URL to pass on to the world. Here is an example (this is not your URL) "http://www.dieepic.com/#_l_1a"
    • Login for this page. You can track hits, views, leads, and purchases in real time. Plus sharing tools.

  2. Share you unique link like crazy, then see what works. Maybe it came from your Instagram link, a YouTube CTA, a celebrity tweet, or just an email you sent to your adrenaline junkie friends.

Don't Forget: There is a slight delay from the time items are purchased to payout (30 days). In the past, some crooked affiliates have been caught buying a large quantity of items for payout, only to return them. We cant transfer money besides Paypal or optional Die Epic gift cards. So only sign up with your Paypal email below.


  • No funny stuff. We can ban you if we suspect spam techniques and other bad practices.
  • Though it can change, due to costs rising, there are set rate commissions. You know exactly what you will get paid - currently 20%
  • Please use common sense for conduct. Don't infringe on our Trademark, we have lawyers keeping an eye out just like all affiliate programs and don't claim to be a Die Epic employee.
  • Please use your Paypal email address at sign up. Or you will need to add that email address to your PayPal account. Of course, we will never need your PayPal password.
  • You get paid a month after the sale (just to make sure the item isn't returned). But don't worry, you can track the entire process from day 1 to 30 on your dashboard.
  • If you earn over $499.99+ in commissions, great job! But I can not send any more money until we have your tax information.
  • If promoting on your Instagram bio link, make sure to use the link that ends dieepic.com?afmc=1j(just an example, check your dashboard for exact link)


Die Epic Affiliate FAQ:

Q: Can anyone become an affiliate?

A: Yes. Instagram star? Fundraising for your MMA camp? Typography fan? Even if you're a vendor of Die Epic - No Problem!

Q: Is there an unique promo code for me to share?

A: No. We dont use that feature. Reason being our site only allows one promo code at a time. If we posted a promo code in newsletter and you gave them yours as well, there is a chance you wouldn't get credit. If they used the newsletter promo code instead. So we do the unique link instead.

Q: How do you pay out?

A: Paypal, so please make sure you use your Paypal email address below during sign up.

Q: What site(s) do I get credit for?

A: This is only for www.DieEpic.com Of course, this does not carry over to any our our Partner online stores (ex. EpicManboy.com), Wholesale customers, or resale channels like eBay, etc.

Q: How long does it take for me to get paid?

A: 30 days (only due to returns)