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Epic Elite


Epic Elites

What is an Epic Elite?

Keep an eye out for the official Epic Elites stickers/shirts and follow their adventures on @EpicElites via Instagram. (Being built out now) 

Can you apply?

Absolutely not. Don’t be “that guy” or “that girl”. You will get banned for asking.

How to get started:

Want to work your way up, rookie?! Start by becoming #EpicApproved. Anyone can be featured on our Die Epic Instagram accounts, you do not need to be wearing our gear (that blows a lot of minds). But we are a grassroots movement of adrenaline junkies motivating each other to Live Legendary.  Just use #DieEpic on your most epic pics to get started, if your pic gets choose among thousands you are #EpicApproved. You get a shareable badge aka bragging rights and some other goodies.

#EpicApproved Competitions:

We are always having fun competitions, as we love accountability and pushing each others to new heights. So if you get reposted make sure your buds “like” the post, its ok you can cheat and tag them in the comments. That helps us grow, so we give away gift cards to the #EpicApproved repost that get the most instagram Likes. But here is the only “catch” if we see our logo in the picture we double the Likes. It could even be our $1 sticker.