Epic Reps Terms and Conditions


Fine Print:

-Epic Pack commissions repeat every month till the user cancels : ) 
-Commissions payouts start at $15+ and are done once a month. 
-We payout via PayPal so please signup with your Paypal address
-Commission rate does not include tax/shipping
-Commission is taken off the final amount after any discounts. 
-Share promo code: REPS to your fans/family for 5%OFF. Once you get 10 sales we will make you your own unique promo code with your name.
-We do have some 100% for charity products that are blocked SKUs. (Can ask us for the updated list) 
-We don't pay commissions on wholesale orders. That said we are looking to hire contractors to get us stores. Contact us. 
-We have a 30-day return policy, so we can pay-out after 31+ days to make sure its not returned. 
-Please be respectful of our trademark’s as we need help promoting to new audiences, but please don't pretend to be our company. Don't try to cherry-pick our efforts. 
-We ban Epic Reps who don't follow the rules or abuse the program. 
-You can’t refer yourself for purchases. 
-Don't be a dick and have fun. Rock on.

Top hints from the most success Epic Reps:


You guys made the rules! Check out the Survey Results after asking 1000s of our personal ambassadors:


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