Epic Approved

Are you #EpicApproved? 

This badge is only allowed for those featured on the DieEpic social media and blogs for being epic. If you were reposted on @DieEpic then you are allowed to use this on your site, blog, social sites, etc. This is a rare achievement as there are thousands of pictures submitted to us monthly. 

Our @DieEpic page is getting too small to shoutout and feature everyone, so we looked around. We are starting more Instagram accounts in adrenaline niches and found a tool that can push them to our sites pages and social media ads. We have a strict Unbreakable Ethos rule about using fake models, as you are all the stars. Move over Fabio!  

Once we implement this, then next step is make a highly discounted secret product just for those Epic Approved.  We even have free Epic Approved stickers at our event if you can prove you epic Instagram identity! As a thank you for letting us use the pics and share the stoke. 

Didn't want to be reposted? ASAP Takedowns by filling out the form so we find the picture and bring it down.