F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the sexy models and staged product pictures?
Fake models and staged photo shoots are lame. How insulting would it be to hire a fake skydiver to pretend to be an adrenaline junkie because of their good looks? We are kinda the opposite of other brands and stick to our Unbreakable Ethos. 
We'd rather action shots from kick-ass rockstars like you. So check Instagram for the hashtag #DieEpic to see 60,000+ photos of people getting out of their comfort zones rocking our gear. That said we do work with some folks with big followings to help us get the word out as we have an Epic Ambassador program.  
How long does it take to get Tracking Information?
Most items we print on demand so once you place your order a team fo small businesses bring it to life. As we are a smaller brand without "profits only" investors and stale inventories. 
  • Miami Factory: 1 to 4 weeks as hand-printed vinyl and offers personalized jerseys. We can't rush this not even for extra money, so we recently implemented 2 other options to get you your gear faster. 
  • Detroit Factory: This is our express no frills automated factory, that "cheats" and uses machines. But people fall in love with their speed! Its so automated there arent stickers, concussion checklists, fancy packaging or even our front facing Goal tag. But if you want a tracking number in 4-7 business days this is your best bet. 
  • Amazon Prime Store: Prime members usually get the items within 2 or 3 Business Days. (But Very Limited Quantities). Please, watch out for the crooked sellers with 1-star reviews selling knockoffs. We are uber proud of being a 5 stars seller rated!
Do you offer International shipping?
You bet! Some days we ship more overseas then local. Please know every country is different and they might charge some import fees. Please check with them on that prior to ordering. You can use our site to estimate the shipping by pretending to order your product without putting payment info in. 
How do your returns work?
We want happy epic customers! So we do what it takes to make you happy. Within reason, for example, we cant refund/return personalized jerseys so please double check your customizations. We proudly have both a 5 star Amazon and Facebook rating which isn't an easy task and puts a huge smile on our face. 30 days max for the return window. 
How do I Contact Support?
Very easily! We have lots of options. 
Our website has a live chat (bottom right corner) or some prefer our Facebook Page's chat feature.  Can even drop us a line at 657-2DI-EPIC
Sanne is our best tracker and expert you can contact her below. 
Or we are always on social media as well. Just note we are a very small team of adrenaline junkies that do this out of passion, so we try our best to be available around the clock but can't promise that.