We are very proud of being slow and expensive:

Here is the deal, we are pretty disruptive and different. We actually care about our adrenaline junkie customers and helping others. Weird right? Instead of 1%er CEOs and Stockbrokers. 

  • Karma series is a few bucks more and goes to some badass charities. 
  • Almost every single product has a spot for a goal. We are a motivational brand. Writing a goal down and seeing it daily is proven to help the odds. Do work!
  • Every shipment has the CDC's signs of concussion checklist in it and all red shirts go to finding prevention and research. Shame we do that and not have people skydive from the moon for publicity like big corporations. 
  • We live blog Die Epic, get inspiring interviews and even teach how to start a streetwear brand.
  • Sponsor? Screw that noise. We pay, an unheard of/accountant wants me dead, 20% brand ambassador affiliate commission. Oh and its 100% free. 
  • #SlowProud: We are a local USA company who cuts checks to other USA small business. Shirts screened by hand in batches after you order them then (week)  Huge stagnate inventories, mass production by machines in sweatshops is not Epic!