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How Much Is Skydiving?

There is one question we constantly see on Instagram being asked on some of our epic skydive pics and that is "How much is skydiving?" (in all sorts of languages) 

I hope you were NOT expecting us to say its cheap!

As once you get your knees in the breeze most people are hooked, then comes courses, licenses, and buying/maintaining skydive gear. Plus lots and lots of sky dives!

But here at Die Epic we sure got your back so we are going to call around..the world asking for you!

Spoiler Alert: Our study will explain that skydiving usually costs between $100 to $300 for you first dive and training. 

Have other "noob" skydiving questions? (let us know -> )

  • What does skydiving gear cost?
  • How many jumps till I can skydive alone?
  • Best time to skydive?
  • Can you skydive when its cold?
  • How do you get sponsored in skydiving?
  • etc.. Keep them and all you other skydiving questions (welp all extreme sports) over to us so we can get top experts to answer them for you. 

Full skydive cost report coming!

In the meantime check out Epic Fred's Video!


Skydive in Switzerland .... from Fred Pantoli on Vimeo.