Unbreakable Ethos of Die Epic

Die Epic is a proud brand. Focused on keeping the customer happy and strong moral compass. 

  1. No paid models. Real people are real epic. Instead of paid posers send us images we can use on oursocial page, please use #RealEpic
  2. Transparency. We love affiliate links and think they are the best medium for startups. So if we use a product and love it, we will partner with them or see if they offer affiliate links. We keep an affiliate list, so you are up to date.
  3. Love it or leave it. Honest reviews. 
  4. Underdogs Rules. This is a brand for the "no names" on their beautiful struggle of crushing their personal goals. Whether that is getting athletic sponsored or building their entrepreneur empire. 
  5. Give Back. If we take more than we give to the extreme sport and startup community its time to close our doors. Apps, knowledge, interviews, how-to's, charity drives, etc.
  6. Stay Local. Strive for local products and keep it small vendors.
  7. If we don't use it personally. Its not on our site. Period.