BKB Boxing - What is BKB Boxing?

April 07, 2015 1 min read

BKB Boxing - What is BKB Boxing?

The rules of BKB boxing:

First off, Smaller gloves 8 or 10 oz. For boxing newbs’ that is smaller lighter gloves, so less padding and equals more knockouts. Imagine punching someone with a smaller pillow vs thicker pillow.

They used a smaller floor plan in their ring as its more confined aka no hiding. I jokingly think instead of a ring we should call it the BKB Boxing Bowl, as it sounds so great off the tongue. Therefore fancy boxing footwork can only help you so much. This BKB Boxing ring is a tiny 17 feet across. 

Also, BKB boxing has quick 2 minutes rounds. If that seems short, it is!  Most boxing is 3 minute rounds whereas MMA can go up to 5 minute rounds. Again changing things up, the average BKB boxing fight has 6 rounds. As BKB Boxing normal fights go for 5 rounds. But BKB Championship cards can go up to 7 rounds!

No one love tech in extreme sports more then Die Epic! BKB boxing has technology built into their glove. That way you get pretty much real time reviews of whats happening from the inside out. Imagine your tv showing stats even the fighters/judges dont know in real time. We will see if we can get our hands on a BKB Boxing glove to understand more and report back. 

Honestly, Im excited about triangle boxing too which is starting to pop up as they say “no where to hide” but haven't seen triangle boxing  in person yet.

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