October 27, 2015 2 min read

Unless you live under a rock you know Bungee surfing or Riversurfing is getting bigger and bigger.  So we asked adrenaline junkie Christian Steiner for the inside scoop. 

What is Bungee Surfing?

Bungee-Surfing is quite a young type of sports but developed out of a long tradition on Swiss rivers. Our country has a big variety of rivers and lakes but unfortunately no sea-access. As a result of it people enjoy themselves a lot in water sports, not related to the sea. Since many years people use the current of the river to glide over the surface with rope-attached pieces of wood. We thought it might be much more fun to use a flexible rope instead of a fixed one. By not attaching the bungee-cord directly to the board but hold a handle attached to it in the hands and on top of it using a Surfboard instead of a piece of normal wood it became a modern improvement of that sport. We are not the only ones doing that in Switzerland, but one of the first ones.

 When experimenting first, we found out, that this setup opens a lot of possibilities for freestyling as well and it is a pretty good playground to improve board- and water-skills even for other sports like surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding. We are a group of 6 people so far, but the attraction of others is pretty big, maybe also because our sessions take place in the middle of our beautiful tourist-city. A lot of people want to join us and the echo to this new sport is hyped.

 The season is almost over now, as water-level and water-temperature is very low. But we have a lot of projects in mind for the next season already! As a matter of that, we are excited to spend the next few months on our snowboards again, the first snow has already arrived. But we literally cant wait to kick off the next season with rad new bungee-surf-tricks!


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