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What is Bungee RiverSurfing? Adrenaline Activities

By Daniel DiMassa

Unless you live under a rock you know Bungee surfing or Riversurfing is getting bigger and bigger.  So we asked adrenaline junkie Christian Steiner for the inside scoop. 

What is Bungee Surfing?

Bungee-Surfing is quite a young type of sports but developed out of a long tradition on Swiss rivers. Our country has a big variety of rivers and lakes but unfortunately no sea-access. As a result of it people enjoy themselves a lot in water sports, not related to the sea. Since many years people use the current of the river to glide over the surface with rope-attached pieces of wood. We thought it might be much more fun to use a flexible rope instead of a fixed one. By not attaching the bungee-cord directly to the board but hold a handle attached to it in the hands and on top of it using a Surfboard instead of a piece of normal wood it became a modern improveme