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Extreme motor-sports come in many forms, and motorcycle racing has become one of the most popular kinds. Extreme motor-sports aren't just a thing in the US. There are scenes located all over the world, including Australia, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and Asia. Even at these other locations, you will find movements just as hot as those in the States.Let's take a closer look at three of the craziest motorcycle race events that are hosted internationally.

Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

The Isle of Man first launched into the world in 1907 and is hosted annually between the months of May and June. As the title suggests, it is based on the Isle of Man—a self-governing country between Ireland and England. Because of the Isle's landscape, the tournament has earned its nickname as the most dangerous racing event in the world. At the beginning of the 2019 season, motorcyclist Daley Mathison died in an accident during the third lap of a four-lap race. Daley has not been the only loss in the Isle's history. Between 1907 to now, 151 racers have died experiencing the rocky tracks. Despite those statistics, the thrill of this race keeps extreme sports fans and racers coming back to the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race for more.

Baja 1000

Created by Ed Pearlman in 1967, The 1000 Miles is held in Mexico, at the Baja California Penisula. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious off-road events in the world and features riders from all over the world. What makes the Baja unique is its inclusion for multiple vehicle types to race on the same track. A unique quirk of the Baja is its use of all-natural, off-road-designed vehicles rather than being heavily modified. Safety precision is a concern of the tournament due to its past reputation of sabotage each year—and the remote landscapes possibly populating crowds. Using the proper gear is the single most effective way for motorcyclists to improve their chances of surviving a serious accident and reducing their injuries. This is extremely important, not just for the racers themselves but also for the crowd watching the events.

Dakar Rally

Taking its origins from Paris in 1978, the Dakar Rally tournaments have been held in South America in January every year since 2009. The Dakar Rally supports multiple classes of heavily modified vehicles. In 2017, a fifth class called UTVs were added. The Dakar Rally hasn't had a clean history, however, throughout its run, seventy people have died, including riders and watchers. The Rally requires racers to traverse sand dunes, mud, rocks and caverns, crossing over 500 miles per day over two weeks. As it's no doubt known, extreme motor-sports come with danger. But it is this very danger that puts the thrill and excitement into the sports for both the audience and the participants.

Despite athletic professionals often paying with their lives for the sake of reaching the next biggest high—and occasionally leading to other accidental fatalities—we should only expect extreme sports to get more extreme.

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