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What's up! It's Handstand Dan here again.

I got some pretty epic spots in the good ol' US of A for snowmobiling that I wanted to show ya while it's still cold out, so let's get to it!


6. Priest Lake, Idaho 



When it comes to this stunning location, one resort tops the rest; Elkins. Some of the mountains here reach 7,000 feet, with trails within walking distance of the cabins.

To top it off, many of these trails lead to the center of town, giving you easy access to hang with some locals and catch killer views.


5. Old Forge, New York State 



With snow falling 70 days of the year, it is no wonder that this snowmobiler summit has become so popular.

Located in the monstrous Adirondack mountains, this location offers beautiful nature, views as far as the eye can see, and high quality lodging that will make you never want to leave.


4. Seeley Lake, Montana



What's super cool about this spot is that there's a local non-profit group of Snowmobilers called the Driftriders. They keep the trails clean & safe as well as help visitors become accustomed to the area.

It's easy to see why, the trails here are so breathtaking that it would be a cardinal sin to not treat them with care & attention.


3. The Black Hills, South Dakota




This joint is popular mainly because of its very well kept & marked trails. They know what they have, and they take care of it.

Match it with a 6,000 foot peak & rolling valleys, it makes an excellent spot for beginners and experienced snowmobilers alike.


2. Katahdin Region of Maine



 The Katahdin Region's trails have a combined run of over 400 miles. Snowmobiling is really the only sport than can endure a trails that vast, and it's become so ingrained into the culture of the locals that local businesses even offer parking just for snowmobiles.

With the name of "Maine's Wilderness Jewel", this is a stop that is personally on top of my list.


1. Mount Snow, Vermont




This one is especially cool because it has plenty of trails & options for the little legends in your family.

Featuring guided tours, different trails for different levels, and land rovers that take you deep into the forest, this spot is excellent for whether you're a beginner or expert.


Well that's all I got for today, after doing the Wim Hof training in Miami a few weeks ago I now love the cold so I will be hitting most of these up for sure before the winter is over.

Wadda ya think of my blogs? Good? Bad? Don't quit my day job? Let us know in the blog comments below!

Have a kick ass day,
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