October 30, 2019 2 min read

Die-hard cyclists understand the rush of adrenaline that comes from soaring through some of America's best biking trails while taking in the breathtaking natural beauty of this country. When you are looking for your next fix, be sure to check out these four amazing places to mountain bike.

Moab, Utah

Boasting the iconic red rock landscape, Moab is the place to be for serious riders. The cracked sandstone trails are challenging for even the most experienced cyclists. The famous Slickrock Bike Trail is a highly technical trail that stretches 9.6 miles. Novice bikers will appreciate the Bar-M Loop Trail, conveniently located next to Arches National Park. The dry desert climate necessitates that you bring along plenty of water for your biking adventures.

Park City, Utah

A few hours from Moab, you will find the haven of Park City. Nestled into the Wasatch Mountains, this idyllic town is an outdoor lover's mecca. Featuring over 400 miles of singletrack and trail options for all skill levels, it is easy to find a suitable route for every cyclist in your travel party. Be sure to stick to the trails that fit your skill level and wear proper gear at all times. Ninety-one percent of bicycle riders killed in 2010 weren't wearing helmets, so it's very important to wear a properly fitted helmet no matter what your skill level is.

Boise, Idaho

Just north of the Utah state border, cyclists will find the haven of Boise, Idaho. This city offers a vibrant cycling culture, making it a perfect destination for those looking to get out and explore Boise and its environs. Mountain bikers comprise approximately a third of the Boise's outdoor recreational enthusiasts, ensuring that you will find plenty of cyclists to share in your passion.

East Burke, Vermont

While the state of Vermont is not generally top of mind for most cyclists, this area actually features a bevy of world-class trails. The Kingdom Trails are known as one of the best and most expansive trail networksin the nation. The 15.5-mile Mountainside Loop highlights offshoots such as the J-Bar and Moose Alley. Most of this trail is dirt and offers scenic views of this stunning part of the country.

All of these prime mountain biking destinations offer something unique to their visitors. From soaring red rocks to lush forests, each turn of the trail will provide an exhilarating biking adventure.

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