December 04, 2018 2 min read

What's up guys, Handstand Dan here! 

I've always been fascinated with climbing things since I could walk, and climbing has stuck with me since.

I thought it would be pretty fun to write about some climbing tricks I've learned over the years and share it with ya.

1. Use Your Feet Primarily
Although upper body strength and grip is important, foot placement is also detrimental. Getting good footing while giving your hands and arms a rest can be crucial to re-centering your energy and strength.

Building foot strength also assists with pushing and propelling yourself forward during more difficult climbs.

2. Open Your Hips
Now I'm not just saying this because I'm obsessed with yoga, it really does make a difference. Having more open hips allows you to reach more with your legs, as well as rotate more and hold resting periods more comfortably.

Also when you have certain harnesses on, having more flexible hips can be much less uncomfortable, especially for the dudes...

3. Pinkies Out!
In all aspects of life, we tend to not use our pinky fingers. I've been playing guitar for over a decade and still struggle with using my small finger. However, implementing use of your pinky finger in climbing can give you that extra little push needed during those more difficult climbs.

4. Focus on Technique More Than Strength
Pro climber Jenn Flemming stated from an article from Outside Online“When you’re a beginner, there’s an incredible learning curve in terms of technical knowledge about movement, body position, and strategy,” she says. “Developing competent technique will take you so much further than CrossFit or the hangboard.”
I say the best way to focus on technique is to watch pros go for it, then just get out there and do it yourself. Not to say lifting doesn't help, because it certainly does, but focusing on a skill set should take priority.

5. Have Fun!

The mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy, the choice is yours.
This is especially true in climbing. It can be easy to get discouraged from climbing altogether, especially when first starting. The learning curve is massive, but if you consistently have fun and laugh when you fall, you will continue to enjoy it, and continue to grow and be better.

Thanks for stopping in, let me know if you have any legendary climbing stories or tricks in the comments!

Stay epic,
Handstand Dan

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