January 17, 2018 3 min read

3 Minute Video via CNN.
Andrew Andras holds the 2017 Guinness World Record for the farthest distance traveled on a skateboard in 24 hours (he can ride 309 mi).


Get some pro tips in this interview that our CEO Daniel did with Andrew!

 1) Rainy days best gym moves or machines to prepare?

  • On rainy days I just skate in the rain! I follow the principle of "Practice like its the real thing". We encounter all different kinds of weather on race day so it good to know how to skate in bad weather. It has rained at some point in every Ultra Skate I have done. I've never let mother nature get in the way of my riding I just embrace what she has to offer and go with it. Yes, I know, easy for me to say when I live in Miami Beach with one season. ha

 2) Best truck adjustments?

  • Thats a loaded question when it comes to LDP guys. We have to be some of the most finicky group when it comes to setting up and adjusting your trucks. Ask 10 LDP riders their favorite truck and bushing setup and you will get 20 different answers. I ride Dont Trip trucks with RipTide bushings and lets just say I can easily change or adjust my angles and bushings 3 times a week and each time think I like that setup better just to come back to the original adjustment from the beginning of the week and it feel like the best setup. But overall for Ultra Skate I love a loose front truck at 55 degrees and a GBomb Torsion Tail for the back truck. Great for 24 hours of pumping.

 3) What do you think is the best Sleep, eat, rest, skate schedule that day?

  • Personally, I like to keep moving in the 24 hours of Ultra Skate. I believe that each time you stop moving it gets harder to go back out and skate, you lose your rhythm and focus. I like to go a nice comfortable pace and never stop till the clock strikes 24.

 4) Type of food you recommend for quick bites on track?

  • Nut bars, beef-jerky, fruits. I have a good friend that runs Ultra marathons with baby baked potatoes in his pockets, haha.

 5) Whats the biggest challenge to overcome during an Ultra skate?

  • To break the barrier of mental and physical exertion and realize that you can go farther and you dont have to stop. No one skates 24 hours except in Ultras, so its hard to understand what your real potential is until you encounter such a hard place like 3 am, 18 hours into the event and your mind and body are screaming at you to stop. The biggest challenge comes at that hour, trying to ignore logic and push on.

 6) How do you rate your progress during it? by speed, miles, etc

  • I rate my progress by how my body feels. At this point, I have my pace dialed in and know how fast I need to go. The rest is keeping the body happy for as long as possible and when that fails I use distraction.

 7) Best mobile apps for prepping or during the race?

  • Mapmyrun!

 8) Do you workout like its a marathon, or just skate as much as possible?

  • I have tried many different training routines through out the years but overall the number one ingredient is to skate a lot of miles every week. The more prepared you are to handle standing on your feet for 24 hours the better off you will be in this crazy event.

 9) Running shoes or skate shoes?

  • I am not the norm when it comes to footwear. Best advice is to use what you are used to skating in. For me that Five Finger Vibram shoes.

 10) Whats it like to be an epic world recorder holder?

  • I still have to take out the trash every night and tie my own shoelaces in the morning, hehehe. Its pretty cool knowing how far I can skate in 24 hours but it also gets used against me too! My wife and kids always use the line "come on dad, your not tired, you skateboard for 24 hours, get up!"

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