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Need Some Help Remembering How to Wax Your Snowboard?

November 02, 2018

What's up guys! It's Dan with this week's Adrenaline Activities!

This week's motivational quote comes from the French pro stunt rider @julien.welsch!

We took this sick image of him off his Instagram and layered this week's quote over it. 

Feel free to reshare on your social, and don't forget to tag @dieepic or #DieEpic!

motivational-quote-napolean-hill-julian-welschCredit: @julien.welsch


This week's #DieEpic customer pic of the week comes from @starr_1krr's Instagram page that we re-posted on our own Die Epic Instagram.

Thanks for repping Die Epic! You rock!

Photo cred: @apexmotorsportsphoto


For this week's legendary video, we have none other than The Greatest himself! 

Yesterday marks the anniversary of one of Muhammad Ali's greatest fights vs Foreman, so here's a video reel highlighting his best moments of that fight.


On top of that, here's a link for our Muhammad Ali Die Epic sticker

Partial funds from each sale goes to the Parkinson Foundation.




Finally, I love sharing some sick & helpful content I've come across with you.

I can't snowboard living in Miami Beach, but I do still love to do it when I get a chance.

Now that it's getting cold outside, I thought it would be a good idea to refresh my memory with how to wax my board.

So here's a pretty sweet video in case you're a bit rusty.


That's about it for this week's Adrenaline Activities, I'll see ya next Friday for next week's blog featuring UltraSkate!
(Yes I am totally pumped for it)

Stay Epic!

Dan DiMassa
Die Epic


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