November 02, 2018 2 min read

What's up guys! It's Dan with this week's Adrenaline Activities!

This week's motivational quote comes from the French pro stunt rider @julien.welsch!

We took this sick image of him off his Instagram and layered this week's quote over it.  

Feel free to reshare on your social, and don't forget to tag @dieepic or #DieEpic!

motivational-quote-napolean-hill-julian-welschCredit: @julien.welsch


This week's #DieEpic customer pic of the week comes from @starr_1krr's Instagram page that we re-posted on our own Die Epic Instagram.

Thanks for repping Die Epic! You rock!

Photo cred: @apexmotorsportsphoto


For this week's legendary video, we have none other than The Greatest himself! 

Yesterday marks the anniversary of one of Muhammad Ali's greatest fights vs Foreman, so here's a video reel highlighting his best moments of that fight.


On top of that, here's a link for our Muhammad Ali Die Epic sticker

Partial funds from each sale goes to the Parkinson Foundation.




Finally, I love sharing some sick & helpful content I've come across with you.

I can't snowboard living in Miami Beach, but I do still love to do it when I get a chance.

Now that it's getting cold outside, I thought it would be a good idea to refresh my memory with how to wax my board.

So here's a pretty sweet video in case you're a bit rusty.


That's about it for this week's Adrenaline Activities, I'll see ya next Friday for next week's blog featuring UltraSkate!
(Yes I am totally pumped for it)

Stay Epic!

Dan DiMassa
Die Epic


P.S. I've been totally amped about our new additions for this week...

Here's some I think you'll love...


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Also, we just added a brand new collection for all of you insane sky divers called SkyGoals, with gear like the shirt below.

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