December 25, 2014 3 min read

Update: Just had a webinar (they contacted me to due to this post) with Refersion,  they are bringing the fire in 2017. Chance Im jumping ship. Will update post.

Well after a week of online chats, support calls, googling reviews and asking advisors I wasnt any closer to choosing an affiliate Shopify app. So time to download both and beat them up first hand. 

tl;dr:Short version is Lead Dyno won. Want proof? Click the Get Paid tab above to see my install

Best thing I learned:Refersion offers per sku campaigns. Seems like a great feature - but when talking to bloggers, publishers, and full time affiliate marketers I learned that is a waste.

First, it takes too much time to tag every sku with a percent or flat rate.

Secondly, more importantly, marketers hate it. They want to know quickly and upfront what the get per sale. Not after using an algorithm. 

What do you prefer: "20% on every affiliate sale", "$100 a lead" or "sku 234AB-C is 5% but Skus 123DE through 124-GTY are 7%, sale skus are 2% only"

Why use a tool like this: Yes, these Shopify affiliate apps are expensive. But can easily pay for itself if you turn happy customers into an army of link promoters. This is the only marketing I know of that only, pays out when something sells. 

Shopify's Lead Dyno were both Refersion App neck and neck, so  get some things straight.

You need Shopify, but they can work with other platforms. Wasn't an issue for me so didn't do too much research on this point. Both are paid monthly and not cheap, but one offers a free trial (with credit card) the other needs a credit card but has a risk free period. Get aShopify 14 day trialif needed or read my reviews on the eCommerce cart. 

Pricing (as of 1:30am Christmas morning 2014) all monthly prices and reflect unlimited affiliates, unless noted. We highly recommend signing all customer up as affiliates. 

Refersion Shopify App:  

  • Free version (capped at 15 affiliates, no phone support)
  • Standard $27 (capped at $750 affiliate sales, SKU level campaigns) 
  • Premium $89 (capped at $3000 affiliate sales, still no phone support) 
  • Pro $179 (capped at $10,000 affiliate sales, phone support) 

LeadDyno Shopify App:

  • Starter $49 (capped at 3,000 unique visitors)
  • Accelerator $79 (capped at 7,500 unique visitors)
  • Rainmaker $149 (capped at 25,000 unique visitors) 

Refersion vs LeadDyno Features Reviews:

  • Would you rather be charged based on actual sales or traffic? Being charged on sales does make more sense to me. 
  • LeadDyno was K.I.S.S simple. As a mobile app expert during the day, I know a thing or two about UX (user experience) and adoption. LeadDyno was intuitive, simple and better to look at. Refersion wasn't ugly, but more complex and reminded me of an older CRM that employees grumbled when they must use.
  • When speaking to a Shopify guru, he said he was used to Refersion so referred it. We looked at LeadDyno together, his first time. He agreed UI (User interface was cleaner) and said he will be dissecting it. 
  • [Update: After posting] At first glance I don't see a signup to become an affiliate for Refersion's Shopify app. That bothers me, but I also boycotted a Bitcoin conference as you couldn't pay in bitcoins. 

Have more thoughts? Refersion Opinions? Personal LeadDyno Reviews? Contact us and lets get your thoughts up here. Also, we will update this once Die Epic's cart is live. 


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