January 18, 2015 2 min read

So full transparency:

I learned this, and many other Jedi mind tricks, from Paul Szklarski.  At the time he owned a Sandler Training location in Cherry Hill NJ. 

30 second pitch. Rules for it.

-Time yourself. It has to be delivered in 30 seconds or less. If you tell me X dont deliver Y, or from the bat I wont trust you. If Paul could he would have made us repeat it blindfolded, underwater while running from paint balls. If your response didnt come out as easy as "whats your name" or "when your birthday" you had to keep repeating it. 

-Its ok to go a little negative. Always go for the pains. 

-This 30 second pitch formula gives them a few options (or pains to choose from) then ask if they sound familiar. If not, good news you just validated that's a bad lead and on to the next one. If they pick one, even better - now you know how to sell them. 

Here is an example, I'm completely 100% making up on the fly, and Im going to pick on the guy outside cleaning my condo building's carpet. 

So I'm Mike Smith with ABC Carpet Cleaners we help:

(1st Pain) Business owners that are tired of messy stained carpets and

(2nd Pain) Condo owners frustrated with pets stains and odd smells

(3rd Pain) or Condo Associations that are struggling to afford brand new carpets. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

Now wait and hear what they say, make sure you pause. Might feel like an awkward silence but in that time they are thinking if they can relate and sometimes other 

If they say no, thats ok. You just validated they arent a good lead, dont waste your precious time or theirs - On to the next one! If they say one does sound familiar then you now know how to sell them, and can ask more questions.  Plus, you would have a different pitch selling carpet cleaning to home owner then condo association, again this tool helps start the conversation to see who, what, where the pain lies. 

So stop what your doing. Seriuosly. Try and write out your 30 second pitch whether you made the Tinder app for bearded dragons or run the biggest VC firm in Chicago. Ask friends for feedback, then go use it in the wild and see how it does. 

Need more info on this, let me know by tweeting me. -DiMassa [@TheDiMassa] [Google+

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