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Die Epic Mouthguard - As seen on BYB Extreme's BattleShip 1 Bare Knuckle Brawls

Did you see Dada5000 and the BYB Extreme (Bare Knuckle Brawls) Battleship 1 fight series? 

We at Die Epic love safety so donated our black Die Epic mouthguards to the BYB Extreme series. 

Currently offering both a boil and bite Die Epic mouth guards and full dental impression Die Epic mouthguards. Of course we cant rush the custom one off mouth guards.


So if you saw it on BYB Extreme and were wondering where to get Die Epic Mouthguard, you landed in the right spot!


Remember our local print shop packs EVERY single order by hand one at a time.  
As a result, we take much longer than big companies.
Please allow a couple of weeks to receive your tracking number/products.
For international orders we do NOT pay any customs or tariff fees.
We support local small businesses.

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