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Epic Navy Veteran Adjusts to Civilian Life By Becoming Stuntman & Stunt Driver

November 09, 2018

How's it going everyone! Let's get thru this Friday with this week's Adrenaline Activities!

This absolute monster rocking Die Epic gear is @oneshotwebb, so we decided to lay some James Russell Lowell over this insane picture he sent in.

The quote comes from James Russell Lowell, a bad ass from the 1800's who used his influential writing to help end slavery and reform society for the better. In a time like that, having a steel pair & standing up for what you believed in could get you shot and killed.

Credit: @oneshotwebb


Our #DieEpic customer pic of the week comes from one of our favorite skydivers, Aina Breistein. You can check out the original post on here Instagram HERE.

Don't let her pretty looks fool ya, I'd have to say she's braver than me and half the dudes I know...


Credit: @freeflyaina


Seeing as it's Veteran's Day weekend, I figured it would be fitting to highlight a vet that couldn't stop leading an adrenaline-fueled lifestyle after his brave service.

Jim Wilkey became a stunt driver after his service in the Navy, and has had his skills been in many hit feature films such as The Dark Knight.

You can learn more about this cool as hell vet in this week's featured video below:



Finally, this awesome event called ULTRASKATE is coming to the Homestead-Miami Speedway pretty soon!

I take part in this every year, it's a sick event where over the course of 24 hours, skaters try to skate as much as they can around the Speedway.

In preparation for this, I think it would be fitting to share a video explaining how to change your board bearings.

(If you're anything like me, you know it had to been done a loooong time ago...)



Thanks for stopping by, let me know if you have any questions about ULTRASKATE!


Stay Epic!

Dan DiMassa
Die Epic

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